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Become a PADI Open Water Scuba Instructor in Melbourne!

Are you looking to do something others can only dream of? To help people transform their lives? To open doors you didn’t even know existed? All of this, and more, awaits you as a PADI Open Water Scuba Instructor.

Academy of Scuba is a PADI 5 Star IDC Instructor Development Centre, with a reputation for producing top quality instructors who go on to teach in the Victorian dive industry as well as overseas. The AOS Team is captained by PADI Course Director, Kat Vcelka. We will ensure that in the IDC course you are given the tools to properly prepare you to become the best scuba instructor you can be. Moreover, we will ensure that you get the real-world experience that you need. That means, you won’t just pass the exam, but you will become a great instructor who is employable in a competitive industry.

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Why Become an Instructor?

  • Transform lives: yours and those around you.
  • Friendships for life: make connections with amazing people, who will change your life.
  • Opportunities across the globe: travelling is amazing when you’re an instructor.
  • Improve your dive skill: by teaching, you learn.
  • Further development: water comfort, skills and situational awareness are all increased.
  • Personal development: improve your confidence, leadership and communication skills.
  • Learn how to teach: one of the most helpful skills in life, whether you’re diving or not.
  • Turn a hobby into a profession: get paid to do something you love – why not?!       

How Does It Work?

To become a PADI Open Water Scuba Instructor (OWSI):

  • Complete a PADI Instructor Development Course (IDC) and;
  • An Emergency First Response Instructor Course
  •  Pass the PADI Instructor Exam (IE).

The IDC is made up of 2 components: the Assistant Instructor (AI) course and the Open Water Scuba Instructor program.

In the AI component you are taught how to teach, and it takes four to five days. After that, the OWSI program is a minimum of four days. It introduces you to the entire PADI System of diver education and concentrates on developing your abilities as a professional dive educator.

Most people do the full IDC. So, that means they complete both sections. You also complete the Emergency First Response Instructor.

You may just want or need to do one part of the IDC – just the Assistant Instructor, or just the Open Water Scuba Instructor part. That’s fine, just contact us for details on how we make this work for you.


To qualify for training as a PADI Open Water Scuba Instructor, you must:

  • Be certified as a PADI Divemaster or a PADI Assistant Instructor or be an instructor in good standing with another training organisation for at least six months (check with a PADI Course Director or Contact Us for qualifying credentials.)
  • Be an Emergency First Response Instructor
  • Aged at least 18 years old
  • Have been certified as a diver for at least six months
  • Have 60 logged dives that include experience in night, deep and navigation diving to participate in the Instructor Development Course. You’ll need 100 logged dives to take the Instructor Exams.
  • Show proof of CPR and First Aid training within the last 24 months. The Emergency First Response course meets this requirement.
  • Be fit for diving and submit a recreational dive medical from an accredited diving doctor.

Course Price and Duration – Full IDC

$3199 (including EFR Instructor)

Full Time

Evening, Weekend and Part Time Options Available. Please enquire today for further information.

What You Do on the IDC

During the course you’ll learn how to apply the PADI System of Education by presenting:

  • Confined water teaching presentations
  • Knowledge development presentations
  • Open Water teaching presentations integrating two skills

You will:

  • Attend theory presentations
  • Learn the essential skills necessary to make a great instructor
  • Understand how to read people’s body language and deal with difficulties (Risk Management)
  • Gain knowledge about how to translate content effectively to your students
  • Have an understanding of how to get the best out of your students and divers
  • How to go the extra little bit to make a huge impact in yours and other peoples’ diving experiences
  • Be challenged with a full timetable and learn time management skills
  • Gain personal confidence when it comes to public speaking
  • Understand a proven method to allow people to learn effectively
  • Study PADI’s General Standards and Procedures
  • Learn about The Role of Media and Prescriptive Teaching
  • Study and analyse your role in Legal Responsibility and Risk Management

Course Price and Duration – Assistant Instructor Only


5 Days Full Time

Evening, Weekend Part Time Options Available. Contact us today for further information.

This course is fantastic for Divemasters that want to get more involved in diver training without having the ultimate responsibility. This course teaches you how to teach.

Course Price and Duration – Assistant Instructor Only


5 Days Full Time

Evening, Weekend Part Time Options Available. Contact us today for further information.

This course is fantastic for Divemasters that want to get more involved in diver training without having the ultimate responsibility. This course teaches you how to teach.

Course Price and Duration – Assistant Instructor to OWSI


5 Days – Full Time

Evening, Weekend and Part Time options are available. Contact us for further information.

Course Price and Duration – EFR Instructor


2 Evenings or 1 Day

This course is a prerequisite before attending the Instructor Exam.



Your Course Director

Kat has been working as a PADI Instructor since 2004. A 36 year old mother of 3 and owner of Academy of Scuba, she has followed her passion for diving and changing peoples lives over the years.

“My goal, in everything I do, is to make the best divers and now Dive Professionals. Everyone learns in their own individual way. My courses, and approach to teaching reflect this, ensuring everyone gets the best out of their training. More importantly, my vast experience in teaching, and my high standard in instruction, will ensure that you will be one of the very best PADI Instructors in the dive industry. Please contact me for any more information. I look forward to helping you change lives soon.”

Kat Vcelka – PADI Course Director #483447

Kat’s Story

To me, teaching people to scuba dive has always been something special and a great privilege. I take great pride in being able to share my passion with others and provide them with opportunities for life changing experiences by introducing them to the underwater world. I have had personally countless experiences of awe, beauty and amazement underwater. The heart warming feeling of introducing and sharing these experiences with other people is something only a passionate Dive Instructor can relate to.  Over many years of teaching Open Water, Advanced courses and Specialties, I commenced teaching Divemaster courses, which gave me a new aspect to Dive Instruction. Now I had an opportunity to teach others to start passing on their own passion for scuba diving and leading.

I thoroughly enjoyed each and every course and as a result realised the next step was professional training. Completing my Staff Instructors course I could now teach Divemasters to become Assistant Instructors and also help them prepare for the PADI Instructors exam. This was a new level of job satisfaction for me. My passion lies in all levels of diving, however becoming a PADI Course Director in 2014 has given me the opportunity to further contribute in enhancing peoples lives. The feeling that you get when you introduce people to our beautiful underwater world is so unique. At the end of the day you change peoples lives for the better, which is amazing.” – Kat Vcelka

The AOS Team

Academy of Scuba is lucky to have some of the best dive professionals in the business.

Interested in who will be teaching you to scuba dive? Check out our team here!

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