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ABOUT US Meet The Academy Of Scuba Team

Scuba diver training Melbourne

Who we are and why we do this.....

Each of us has our own reason for becoming a dive professional and working in the wonderful diving industry, but for all of us there are a few things that are paramount to why we dive, why we want to take you diving, and why Academy of Scuba is different to most businesses out there.

Come in on any Thursday night for our club nights to meet some of the crew and the wonderful people that are part of our extended AOS family.....



  • Kat Vcelka

    Kat Vcelka

    Owner and PADI Course Director
  • Madi Anderson

    Madi Anderson

    Shop Crew and Dive Professional
  • Ellen Porter

    Ellen Porter

    Shop Crew and Dive Professional
  • James Cini

    James Cini

    Freediving Instructor
  • Mike Valle

    Mike Valle

  • Bill Robson

    Bill Robson

  • Felipe Castano

    Felipe Castano

  • Jeremy Hunter

    Jeremy Hunter

  • James Hawes

    James Hawes

  • Megan Carve

    Megan Carve

  • Vicki Willenberg

    Vicki Willenberg

  • Christian Greico

    Christian Greico

  • Lyndal Robson

    Lyndal Robson