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ORIENTATION DIVES Get Comfortable In Melbourne's Temperate Waters.

Orientation Dives.

If you have not dived in Victoria in the last 12 months, this is the dive for you! Jump in the water with one of our PADI Professionals and go over some key skills to make sure you're comfortable diving in the temperate waters of Victoria. Check your weighting and adjust your buoyancy and trim with us so you feel confident to dive in the Bay and beyond.

Experience and comfort levels vary from diver to diver.  Our orientation dives are designed to help those who still need to build a bit more confidence in thier diving ability. 

If you need to hire equipment, please click here  to see pricing. Please note that we are unable to transport gear from our shop to the dive location. If you need this, please ensure you have made arrangements to hire a car or come down on a club night and meet some of our divers, who are often more than willing to offer lifts. There will be a charge of $15 each way for gear transportation and $30 each way for lifts to/from the dive site. This money will go to whomever is offering the lift. 

Confirmation of the dive sites will be posted here on the Friday before the dive.  Please have a look after midday on the friday for time and location confirmation.  Eg- Mornington Peninsula (TBA) is used to give you an idea of where we will be diving on what date.  This will be confirmed to an actual dive site on the Friday.