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PRESCRIPTION SCUBA AND SNORKELLING MASKS AND SWIMMING GOGGLES Proffessionally Fitted Scuba And Snorkelling Mask In Camberwell Victoria. Never Look Back Again.

"Looking but not seeing is the hearing but not understanding of the eye.”

Mokokoma Mokhonoana

The oceans beauty is vast, expansive, intricate and jaw dropping.  As diver or snorkelers we are privileged to witness the underwater environment live in front of our eyes.  The oceans ecosystem and creatures are a diverse canvas of colours and shapes.  Can you see it clearly?  If you have not experienced the ocean in its full beauty because your eyes are failing you, now is the time to act and never miss out on these special sightings again.

Get the most out of your aquatic experience in 3 easy steps

  1. Go to your optometrist and get your prescription
  2. Come into the shop with your prescription for a fitting- if you can't make it in call us and we will work something out for you.
  3. Take your corrective mask home and enjoy seeing the ocean properly


Top 3 errors in finding the right mask.

  •  Mask does not fit-  Purchasing your mask through Academy of Scuba will ensure that you are fitted by a professional.  With many masks to choose from we will find the best fit to minimise a leaking mask that will restrict the enjoyment of your future in water experiences.
  • Improper equipment- A mask is not a mask.  Someone who is short or long sighted needs to take this into account when looking at purchasing a mask.  Although some people choose to wear contacts, those who can't or choose not to will not see underwater in its full beauty.  With an optometrist prescription, we will ensure that you not only get the right mask, but that you also have the right lenses fitted into the mask.
  • Looking at price rather than correct mask-  Most people think that they have to sell their right eye to afford a proper prescription mask.  With masks starting from $70 we have a mask for any budget.  A diving/snorkelling masks is a personal piece of equipment that will last you years if maintained and invested into properly.  You spend money on your normal glasses so that you can see properly above the water, why not ensure that you get the most out of being in and underwater too?


Prescription swimming gogglesWe haven't forgotten about swimmers

With corrective and prescription swimming goggles so that you can see while you are doing your laps or ocean swims, we have swimmers covered too.  Come into the shop and we can help you out.