Scuba Equipment Hire Prices

ItemDaily Rate2 Day RateWeekly Rate
Regulator Set$30$50$150
SCUBA Package (Tank, Reg Set, BCD)$60$110$300
7mm Wetsuit$30$50$150
Complete SCUBA Package (all of the above)$90$165$450
Integrated Weights$20$35$100
Twin Setup with Regulators$100$185$500
Twin Setup without Regulators$80$145$400
Bail out cylinder with Regulator$35$60$175

No dive equipment? No problem!

With a large range of equipment available to hire, Academy of Scuba has all your dive equipment needs covered.

We stock high quality and reliable scuba hire gear, so that you have peace of mind. Our scuba hire equipment is available for daily, weekend and weekly hire.

For convenience, to aid equipment availability and to avoid disappointment please pre-book your equipment by calling the shop on 0422 631 110 or contacting us. We also now have the option to book your rental online in advance and pick up at the dive centre.

Please note that, due to hygiene reasons, we do not hire masks, snorkels, dive boots, fins, hoods, dive torches or gloves. Academy of Scuba values your own personal safety, health and enjoyment when scuba diving. Would you want to put on a dive mask that doesn’t fit, or that someone else has spat in? How about using a snorkel or boots that have had bacterial transfers? Sounds pretty gross, right? In addition to being safe, investing in your own snorkelling equipment helps you get the most from your diving because you are in equipment that fits you properly and is comfortable. You are welcome to bring your own, or purchase from our store, and let one of our friendly team help professionally fit you.

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Scuba Equipment Rental Reservations

Weekends are our busiest periods. To avoid disappointment please pre-book your scuba equipment hire with Academy of Scuba. Contact us for availability.

Scuba Equipment Rental Conditions

  • The renter MUST be able to produce an appropriate certification card.
  • This scuba equipment is rented for the renter’s personal use only.
  • The scuba gear will not be loaned or sublet to any other party.
  • The renter acknowledges that he/she is a certified diver and is in good health.
  • Use of BCDs, regulators, cylinders/tanks, computers, or weight belts by non-certified divers is strictly prohibited.
  • You MUST thoroughly inspect all property being hired BEFORE leaving the facility to insure the items are clean, complete, and in good working order. All deficiencies must be noted on the checkout receipt.
  • Misuse, inability to use correctly, or subsequent damage resulting from misuse, is the responsibility of the renter.
  • The renter is responsible for any loss or damage to the rented scuba equipment while in his/her possession and agrees to return it in the same condition as received.
  • The renter must treat the equipment in accordance with manufacturers’ recommendations
  • All dive equipment must be returned at the agreed upon date and time, as set out in the Rental Agreement
  • All rental dive gear must be rinsed with fresh water and be free from foreign matter before it is returned. You can use our cleaning facilities for free. Failure to clean the gear will result in a $50 cleaning fee.
  • The Hirer should notify Academy of Scuba of any faults or damage on return, or as soon as possible.
  • Details for a current Credit Card will be held as security against all rental scuba equipment.
  • The replacement value of any dive gear lost or not returned will be charged immediately to your credit card.
  • The renter agrees to indemnify Academy of Scuba from all errors and faults during the use of the equipment and that the use of the equipment, its application and including the failure to use the equipment correctly, is the sole responsibility of the renter.

Divers please note:

  • Daily rates apply for the number of days you actually have the scuba equipment, not the number of days you are using it.
  • Losses are charged at replacement value.
  • Damaged items are charged at Academy of Scuba’s Service rates.