Kat Vcelka

Founder and Course Director

Kat fell in love with diving at 16 and became an instructor in 2004. For her, teaching people to dive and explore underwater is incredibly rewarding. Her favorite dive site in Melbourne is the walls of the shipping channel, with stunning colors and diverse fish life.

Overseas, she enjoyed diving in Palau, the Maldives (snorkeling with mantas), and Vanuatu (exploring the Coolidge wreck). Diving instruction has allowed her to explore dream destinations and meet countless people.

As a PADI Course Director, she now helps future instructors experience the same joy of teaching and introducing others to the underwater wonderland.

Mike Valle

TDI Advanced Nitrox and Decompression Procedures Instructor

Mike´s love for the ocean began at a very early age watching Aquaman cartoons and it continued with the Jacques Cousteau documentaries of the 70s.

The underwater world has always been a place of beauty and wonder for him, and in 2002, he completed the Open Water course. Five years later, he became a PADI Instructor.

Mick Gibbs


For Mick, teaching others about diving and sharing its beauty is not only a passion, but a necessity.

His many years of diving have taken him on journeys around Australia and overseas, in both salt and fresh water, and he loves talking to other divers to hear about their experiences.

Vicki Willenberg

Divemaster Instructor

Vicki did her initial Open Water certification with AOS and continued her training by becoming part of the AOS crew.

She enjoys watching someone realize they can breathe underwater and do it easier than expected. Once they get past that sensation and begin to notice their surroundings, seeing a whole new world, makes her really happy to be part of each divers´ journey.

Alan Braithwaite

Master Scuba Diver Trainer & EFR Instructor

Like many divers before him, Alan started diving as a way to see what lies below the surface, what he saw captivated him and kept him coming back for more.

Being an instructor allows him to share his passion for the aquatic world with others, to help them on their own journeys of discovery underwater, and to become part of the wider scuba diving family.


Lim CL


Lim journey in scuba diving started in 2012, and his love for the underwater world all began with snorkelling.

Throughout the years, he has scuba dived at many fantastic dive locations in South East Asia, New Zealand, Queensland, and Mornington Peninsula dive sites.

He is passionate about meeting other divers and sharing his dive experiences with them.

Antonin Demazy

Open Water, Advanced Open Water and Rescue Instructor

Antonin was born in Belgium and learned to dive in Sardinia-Italy in 2001, he made Melbourne home in 2012 and since then has enjoyed diving in this part of the world.

James Sheward

Master Scuba Diver Trainer & EFR Instructor

James started his diving journey around 2001 when his father introduced him to the diving world in Mediterranean, a trip holiday.

Since he started teaching in 2013, he has been able to share the thrill of diving with so many people from all different parts of the world and all different walks of life, and he feels so lucky to have met all these incredible people and be able to bring so much enjoyment to others through his passion.


Lachy Keevers

Open Water, Advanced Open Water and Rescue Instructor

Lachy first put a regulator in his mouth in Thailand over 10 years ago and that single thing changed his life.

He has traveled and dived extensively throughout South East Asia and the Pacific, having done his Open Water Course in Thailand, his Advanced Open Water in Indonesia, his Divemaster traineeship in the Philippines, and his IDC with Academy of Scuba in Rye.

Teaching people the skills needed to enjoy the underwater world is what motivates him to be the best instructor he can be.

Graham Murphy

Open Water, Advanced Open Water and Rescue Instructor

Murphy took his first breath underwater in Thailand many moons ago and ever since then loved diving!

He became a Divemaster in Sydney and then got his Instructor certification with Kat at AOS. Now he´s part of our amazing crew.

Teaching people the skills needed and giving them the confidence and encouragement to enjoy everything the underwater world offers them makes him want to be the best instructor he can be.

Morgan Kurrajong


Morgan is a Mornington Peninsula local and experienced dive guide.

From submarines to scallop dives to seadragon photography, he is keen to show you the best of Melbourne diving.

Morgan produces a weekly local dive report so is up to date on the conditions and best dive locations.